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Please feel free to check out my Gallery.

If you are a nature, Spider or/and insect fan then i am sure you will like my gallery

If you don't like what you see, then I ask you kindly to leave my gallery.
Nobody is forcing you to look at my photographs


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You are NOT allowed to use my photos in any form!!
You are NOT allowed to download them, to sell them, to show them on other websites, to edit them, etc.
If i should find my photos on another website, it will have serious consequences for you if you steal my photos, because they are copyrighted by me!!!

And i have seen that someone put some photos of mine on tumblr.
This is a no-no as well. I have my own tumblr account, if i would like to see my photos on tumblr, i would put them there by my own. Please DON'T put my photos on tumblr.
I don't want to see them there!

And since i get ask this a lot: No I don't sell my photos.
I just want to share them here on dA. I am not interested in selling them.



Hello and welcome to my Account.
I hope you will like my photos

What you will find on my account:
Nature photographs, mostly of spiders. But I also take photos of other animals like wild animals, insects of any kind, birds and pets. And sometimes I take some landscape, skyscape or waterscape photographs.
Here and there a few random shots find their way into my gallery as well like nature related clothes or jewelry.

About me:
I am a young female hobby photographer that lives in northern germany and who loves nature and all those wonderful animals that live on this planet. But it took me a lot of time, patience and love to be able to love nature and all those animals, especially spiders, like I do now. It was a fight i won and I am just so proud that I got rid of my immense fear i had of spiders. The moment I started to work with Spiders i realized how wonderful and interesting they are and they aren't as mean as many people tried to tell me. Quiet the contrary because spiders are very shy animals. Some are calm, some are lazy, some are very shy, some are curious, some are cute and some can react a bit aggressivly, just like us ;).

I want to show all you people out there the beauty of our planet with my nature photographs and I hope you will enjoy my photos as much as I love to take them :).

I am 25 years old and I started my photography 9 years ago :)
I still need to learn a lot, but I like watching my older works too to see if I have improved or not^^

I take photographs with love, passion and respect towards nature :3

I hope I can help people with my photos, who are afraid of spiders and want to change this like I did.
Please feel free to browse through my gallery and feel free to ask me anything you want to know.
But i must say this: I am NOT a proffessional ;). Every information I have learned about spiders I have learned by myself through the internet, in chats with other spider photographers and spider books.
And I don't know much about exotic spiders like Tarantulas. My knowledge is limited to European spiders.

And you will see me handling some of the spiders I have found in my gallery as well.
Please be very careful with handling spiders, especially if you are new to this.
Some spiders can react aggressivly and will bite you and some spiders possess a very strong venom that is able to harm or even kill a healthy and full grown human (but only a handful of spiders from all over the world are able to kill a human and most of them life in the bush). If you feel too nervous, unsafe or unsure of picking up spiders, please don't do it. This isn't good for you or the spider.If you are nervous the spider will be nervous as well and the spider CAN bite than. But remember: Spiders only bite when they feel threatened or if you hurt them. They will never bite you "just for fun" ;).

And this is for everybody who wants to comment on my photos:
I will NOT tolerate any hateful comments against animals.
If you don't like what you see then I ask you kindly to leave my page and move on.

And now please sit back and enjoy my photos

Follow me on Youtube:…


And i am a big Supernatural Fan.
Seriously this is the best show ever. :3.

And thanks to Supernatural I, as an atheist , became a huge fan of angels (it's Castiel's fault) :giggle:

Most favorite Characters from Supernatural:
Castiel, Dean, Sam, Gabriel, Lucifer, Bobby, Crowley, Michael, Adam, Kevin, Balthazar, Charlie, Meg, Samandriel and Naomi

Most favorite Characters from The Walking Dead:
Daryl, Rick, Hershel, Michonne, Philip Blake (The Governor), Merel, Glenn

Most favorite Characters from BBC Sherlock:
Sherlock Holmes, Dr. John Watson, Mrs Hudson, Mycroft Holmes

Most favorite Characters from True Blood (so far):
Erik, Sookie, Jason, Bill, Jessica, Andy, Sam, Tara, Lafayette

Most favorite Characters from Game of Thrones (so far):
Daenerys Targaryen, Tyrion Lannister, Oberyn Martell (Viper), Samwell Tarly (Sam), Jon Snow, Eddard Stark, Khal Drogo

Most favorite Characters from Grey's Anatomy:
Dr. Meredith Grey, Denny Duquette, Izzie Stevens, Derek Shepherd, Mark Sloan, George O'Malley, Callie Torres, Alex Karev, Preston Burke, Cristina Yang


I am also a fanfiction writer. Don't worry, I am not a slash writer, because I don't like this stuff either.
But my Stories are kind of special as well (cuddly and fluffy and funny etc.) ;). If you want to find out you can ask me about my second account. I have a special fanfiction and "personal photos" accout here as well. I keep my nature photos and fanfictions apart (Don't want to "scare" my fanfiction followers with my spiders :giggle:) I mostly write about Supernatural, but I also write about other shows and movies I like.
Like i said: If you want to find out please send me a note :).

If you have questions feel free to ask me anything you want.

And one of the most important thing you should know about me:
Atheist Women by LugiasPalAtheist 1 by KingBraddersProud Atheist by jlu650Atheist Stamp by anastasia-blackAtheist Stamp by AirieFeristoThe atheist stamp by Yoshi-chuI Like Animals Better Stamp by TheRealMorticonHumans are animals too by black-cat16-stampsPeople are Animals too - Animals are People too by Synstematic.:: Animal Rights Stamp V2 ::. by loneantarcticwolf.:: Howling Is Fun ::. by loneantarcticwolfSpider Love Stamp by cosmicspiderMy opinion by black-cat16-stampsBeing different by black-cat16-stampsWe tried. by EfanielI love nature stamp by luckylookePhotography: A Way Of Life by TheStampKingStamp: Gay Rights by RogueDerek

I may be an atheist, but I am still pretty much interested in angels and demons. The story about Lucifer is very interesting to me and I read a lot about this angel and yes I like him, but for me he isn't real, just like god and his angels aren't real to me. Please understand and respect that. There is no need to shove your bible stuff down my throat...


Since i could lose my fear of Spiders they become one of my most favorites animals ever.
Along with Horses, Cats and a lot of other wonderful animals. :)
Nature Photographer Stamp by barefootphotosI Heart Jumping Spiders Stamp by barefootphotosJumping spider love stamp by Moonlight-pendent13Jumping spiders are cute stamp by LouaWolfMeow by Animal-Stamp
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Tarantula stamp by muddyputtyI love Mexican Redknee Tarantulas by WishmasterAlchemistHorse Stamp by NativeHorse32stamp :: cat lover by octobre-rougeStamp: I love NATURE by silsado

My favorite TV Shows:
Supernatural by ArunaudoMisha Collins Stamp by CammerelCastiel Stamp by XionStampsCas is (not)Serious ~stamp by HikariKoboshiGabriel Stamp by Ranger-Sarha
Lucifer Supernatural by Wingsofheaven00Supernatural Stamp by Vampiric-Time-LordSupernatural by kicsiannaLuci's tongue by Wingsofheaven00Crowley Stamp - Test by LaJolly
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I have been in my Hospital for my every year check up yesterday.

I traveled with the train for the first time and it was an amazing experience, because our railway company
got some awesome trains to travel with.

Sadly my Hospital visit wasn't as positive as my first experience with the trains.

I have had to deal with a lot of very bad heart problems in the recent months and some of these problems scare the sh*t out of me to be honest. I have had symptomes which I haven't had for almost 20 years by now and which are part of my heart disease. And then there is all of this psychical pressure and stress to whom I am exposed to since my mother got her cancer diagnosis.

I went through a lot of medical examinations yesterday and they were anything but pleasant and in the end the results I got weren't satisfying at all, but I honestly have expected them to be kind of negative, seeing how bad I feel and all. My doctor put a Long-term ECG on my body which I had to wear until today and which recorded my heart rythm, because I suffer from very bad heart stumbles, heart rushing and Arrhythmias (and sometimes dyspnoea too) and hopefully the Long-term ECG recorded some of them. My doctor also told me to seek psychological help and I will do that, but not this year anymore. I want to spend the upcoming christmas time in peace and without any more doctors or Hospital visits. I have had more than enough from all of this in the recent months. Remember June when my doctors thought I would have a stroke or a goddamn brain tumor? Nope, I have enough from doctors and hospitals for the rest of the year...

I will just go to my family doctor the moment I got the results from my Hospital, which will be in a few weeks.

My cardiologist in the Hospital also said that I need to get another MRT scan done for my heart this time to make sure that everything is alright, because three years ago I had to get a cardiac catheterization surgery which lasted 6 hours and in which they burned something out of my heart and the symptomes I have got in the last months are the same which I have gotten in 2013. Yep I am super, super scared now. My doctor also said that I will need another cardiac catheterization surgery if my problems won't get better, or even stronger. I really don't want to get another heart surgery, but if there is no other way I will do it, because I know that these problems can end deadly for me and I don't plan to die any time soon ;).

But I will not paint the devil on the wall now.

I will just be patient and wait for my results.

Oh and we are at the topic: I am now part of a heart study.

I allowed my hospital to use all of my medical datas (and they also can take some blood from me whenver they need it) for a study in which they want to try to help more people who are born with heavy and/or rare heart diseases and since my own heart diease belongs to one of the rarest on this planet I just had to say "yes" to it :).

If this helps others, I will gladly be a part of it, because no one, really NO ONE, needs to suffer as much as I have done it for my whole life...

As for now I will try to rest as much as I can, because I still feel pretty weak, have problems with my breathing and I just need to calm the hell down now.

And that's my update so far.

Thank you very much for reading and for all your support, because this really means a lot to me :huggle:

If you want to comment, feel free to do it, but again: Please no "I pray for you" comments, because they make me feel super, super uncomfortable (I don't believe in a god guys, please respect that).
  • Listening to: Gregorian - Masters of Chant and Christmas music
  • Reading: Muh!
  • Watching: Emergency Room Season 4
  • Playing: Nothing at the moment
  • Eating: Not much
  • Drinking: Water


Laughing Horses...a video that makes me laugh all the time, check it out:

FINALLY a good german commercial. It's been years since I have enjoyed a german commercial this much :giggle:
I thought I might share this super amazing song with you:

I have seen it live and I have to say: These guys sung it much better than the original from ACDC. Gosh I love the Masters of Chant so much :).
Guys could you PLEASE stop complaining about my watermark? It's slowly getting onto my nerves and I WON'T make it smaller, deal with that. These are MY photos and when I decide to put a huge ass watermark on them then so be it. If you don't like this, then you should stop looking at my photos, simple as that...

Two weeks are left and it's christmas... 

10 deviants said Wow, that was fast...where is the rest of the year?
7 deviants said Cool, i can't wait :)
6 deviants said I am not in a christmas mood at all

Random gifs :3


oh my goshhhhh those spider gifs!!!!
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Muy linda llama! gracias chee !! :3
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hello thank you so much for the fav :heart:
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Not much XD
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